Friday, March 16, 2007

Drama, Drama, Drama

So it's been a pretty interesting day. I have been home because with strep throat I can not work. Around 11:00am today I was in the TV room with Amy and we heard a thump of an odd nature. We got up to investigate and found a 45-50ft tall red oak that stood on the hill behind our house had fallen over. It could have gone onto/into our house or across the neighbors fence and possibly struck their house. As fortune held, it landed between our houses, with the upper parts striking the top of the neighbor's driveway and slightly damaging their basketball goal.

I checked the websites for the county school district and found contact info for both David and Holly as they are both teachers in two separate high schools. I left a voice male for him and reached her between classes to tell them and reassure them all was well. In the meantime I called a tree service I know and got an estimate for the cleanup and removal. When they came out they said it would be $350. Figuring the neighbors wouldn't feel great about the unexpected expense, or shared but I think the tree was on their property.

I took some time and cleaned the debris from their driveway and also called my boss to meet him and borrow his chainsaw. When I got back I made a few initial cuts but stopped when my wife called me and asked me to halt because she was trying to take her nap (she works overnight). So at this time I am inside watching season 5 of 24 and the phone rang a few minutes ago.

The call was from a guy at Chick-fil-a corporate who I interviewed with on Wednesday about my desire to become an owner/operator. His call today was to wrap up from Wednesday and let me know that at this time and in the foreseeable future, I will not be someone capable of reaching the top 2 choices for any new store assignment. What this boils down to is the fact that I have been refused as a candidate for becoming an operator and unless I want to continue in a menial hourly management job with no sick time and only a week of vacation each year, it is time to find a new job.


Sparky Duck said...

thank goodness it wasnt worse and that you were home to help you poor wife. Of course, it disturbed the basketball watching.

Amy sent me, sorta, since I usually do pop by

TNChick said...

Hope the strep is gone ASAP! Ick.

I added you to the hunt's blogroll so I hope you'll copy and paste the code into your sidebar.

I thought it was there and that's why I added you back when i pre-wrote part of my post. OR perhaps it's the dental meds messing with me because now I don't see it.

Anyway - if yo need help adding it - let me know, if you don't plan to add it let me know so I can remove you.

Thanks. =)

The Tour Marm said...

Suppose a tree falls in a forest (or subdivision - whatever) and you're not there, does it make a sound. Yep. I think you just proved that!

I am also suffering with some sort of flu that feels like strep throat. Can you catch that sort of virus over the internet?