Monday, March 12, 2007

10 on Tuesday #2 - Favorite Albums of All Time

Not in any order, here are my Top 10.

Boston - Boston - This was an awesome rock band in the 70's. They made a great comeback in 1986 with the long-awaited third album, called Third Stage, but the first was the best.

Jimmy Buffett - Feeding Frenzy Jimmy has done more live albums than anyone I know, but this was a favorite because it incorporates the elements of a greatest hits project, but includes the song In the City, and his solution for world peace through Victoria's Secret Catalogs!

Casting Crowns - Casting Crowns, probably my favorite Christian band of all time, I got to hear them about a month before this, their first CD, was released and I knew it would sell itself. I started playing it in my store and people would ask who it is, they'd buy a copy and come back a day later to buy five more copies to give to friends.

Debbie Gibson - Out of the Blue - Deb is probably my all time favorite female pop singer and this was the album that started it all for her back in 1986.

Newsboys - Shine, The Hits It's hard not to have a few Greatest Hits CDs on the list because well, they tend to have all the best. This one also includes a mega-mix of a bunch of their hits on one track.

Third Day - Offerings - A Worship Album Atlanta's OTHER great Christian band. This CD has a great worship vibe and four of my favorite tracks, Love Song, Praise Song, Thief, and Consuming Fire.

Von RA - Panes This is an awesome independent band from Orlando. I got to know them well as a photographer back in the late 90's. They signed to Electra and had one album that did not catch on, but this Indy disc was great for acoustic driven rock with a MAtchbox 20/Creed feel.

Amy Grant - The Collection Having all the earlier stuff, this is a great CD, especially with songs like El Shaddai, and Thy Word, inspired youth instead of pop candy.

Steven Curtis Chapman - Declaration This was the first SCC disc I really got into and it had som many great songs related to the missionarys lost in Ecuador in the 1950's, great stories of sacrifice and forgiveness.

Garth Brooks - Double Live At one point I hated Garth for being a greedy and arrogant jerk wanting a cut on the money exchanged selling used CDs. The music is great though and his policy of touring with ALL seats being $20 won me back.


Leigh said...

Just about opposite of my list!

Patty said...

I'm afraid my list is also just about the opposite. Do love Boston, though. Happy Tuesday!

Julia said...

Oh wow - I remember Debbie Gibson! Love the "Out of the Blue" albums. I would listen to her contantly everyday as kid and drove my mom crazy LOL

Great list and Happy Ten on Tuesday! Here is Mine!

Sonya said...

My hubby loves Boston and I love Casting Crowns! Love your list!

Melody said...

Hi Michael, Happy ToT! I like Debbie Gibson too!

Jeff said...

My favorite Amy Grant is her early stuff, not her current "leaving Gary Chapman for Vince Gill" crap. Grrr.