Thursday, March 08, 2007

Friday Flashback - All By Myself

This week's Friday Flashback takes us back to the 80's to visit artists who got their start as frontmen of groups and went on to have successful solo careers (some more successful than others, but all quite respectable).

We have Peter Gabriel who started with Genesis before Phil Collins took over as lead vocalist. Gabriel recorded this version of "Come Talk To Me" in the 90's on the Secret World Tour - which has a great CD and DVD available, but the song was written and released in the 80's. Also, you'll recognize the female back-up singer as Paula Cole who had a hit solo CD in part thanks to being used on the Dawsons Creek TV show with her songs "I don't want to wait" and "Where have all the Cowboys Gone?"

We have Lionel Richie who was the heart of The Commodores before going solo. Though he had much bigger hits than "Running With the Night," I have always liked this video for the costuming and choreography.

We have Peter Cetera who will forever be the voice of Chicago He had many fewer hits as a solo artist, but this song was great thanks to the contributions by Amy Grant, who BTW looked very nice in this video as well.

We wrap it up with the guy with the biggest ego before Axl Rose came along, former frontman for Van Halen, Mr. David Lee Roth Granted, he was cocky and a bit raunchy as a solo act, but he did well in getting Steve Vai to play guitar on his albums and tours. He had a great sense of humor in his videos, and there is no one I can argue as being a better showman in the metal/rock genre. One word, CHARISMA.

Enjoy the videos, coming next week, actors who thought they could sing....

Peter Cetera with Amy Grant "Next Time I Fall"

Peter Gabriel "Come Talk To Me"

David Lee Roth "Yankee Rose"

Lionel Richie "Running with the Night"

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Cyndi said...

I love these! and your right about David Lee Roth,one of the few egos that can match Axl. and now they can't even get it together to play together when they get inducted in to the Rock and Roll hall of fame.sad..