Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol - What do you say?

I am a fan of this show. My wife got me to start watching it about 2 and a third seasons ago. We have been watching all this season, but tonight was about enough to make me stop til next year if then.

For one thing the girls, in particular the black girls, are going to win this thing. It's obvious that the style and personality with which they are performing will carry them all the way. The only guys with a chance are possibly Blake and Chris Sligh, but in the end it will be Lakisha and Melinda or Stephanie in the final two. There is no crime or conspiracy here, it is just that the deck is loaded against anyone else standing out this year. The talent lies with that one demographic.

Aside from that, my personal outrage is that Sundance Head was eliminated tonight, long before Sanjaya. Sundance has talent and personality and is appealing despite being a big guy. Sanjaya has little talent compared to the remaining 5 guys and should have been eliminated about 2 or 3 weeks ago. My boss believes he has made it this far because of young people, kids and teens voting and he appeals to them because of his smile. He has (in my opinion) a bit of a Michael Jackson softness and sweetness which also means I would not leave a child under 18 alone in a room with Sanjaya.

Simon Cowell said early on that Sundance had a voice that would carry him to the finals. Simon has also stated a number of times that this is supposed to be a singing competition, but the format in this part of the show makes it more of a popularity contest which explains why people like Antonella Barba and Sanjaya make it as far as they do.

It is a bit disturbing, but I am hopeful that Sundance will return to Memphis and someone there will offer him a record deal. Chris Daughtry was another Idol alumnus who was eliminated earlier than he should have been, and America has been proved wrong about him as his solo CD not only debuted at number 1 on the album charts, it dropped from number one and then reclaimed it this week.

I'll take bets on the final three, but right now I predict two of the three, if not all three will be Lakisha, Stephanie, and Melinda.


Sonya said...

I am so with you on this! I couldn't believe Sundance was eliminated and that Sanjaya stayed! What are people thinking?!!! Clearly they are not thinking because this kid still lacks experience. Sundance is seasoned and has a wonderful personality! My favorite on the girls side is Lakisha. My favorite guy....hard to say. Chris and Blake are probably my favs. The one guy who sang Geek in the Pink is ok. There's something about him that irritates me. Not sure what though :-o) If a girl wins, I hope it's Lakisha. She reminds me of Patti LaBelle or Aretha Franklin. If a guy wins, hmmm....Chris or Blake.

Janene said...

My son, yes ~ he's only 15 months old...but he knows what it's all about, LOVES American Idol. My husband and I watch it just to see how excited he gets when everyone claps at the end of a song. He doesn't like Sanjaya one bit...that definatly tells you something. I agree he's got a bit of a Michael Jackson creepiness to him. I think he should have been gone a while a go...I don't think he'll make it much farther, though.

I do agree with you that the girls have the edge and that it's the 3 you mentioned. I really like Gina for some reason...maybe because she reminds me of Joan Jett.

NOT a Haley fan, though...not sure why, but her voice is too "vanilla" for me. Since we are all different flavors of ice cream, after all. :)

Leigh said...

Yeah, I think a girl will win this year too. I haven't heard them yet, but the guys stink!