Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday at home

The alarm rang at 8:15. This was roughly 7 hours after we went to bed having stayed up to watch movies together. Last night Amy and I saw RV and Flicka. Yes it was a night of family fare and we enjoyed both of them. I was surprised to discover the female leads in RV are Kristen Chenowith (broadway star and on TV's West Wing), Cheryl Hines from HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, and teen pop singer Jojo.

We turned off the alarm and returned to sleep for a but more. Amy woke me sometime around 9:30 and I began to prepare for church as we had about 5 or 6 to choose from to visit. We selected (or rather I selected) Hillside United Methodist in Woodstock. We had visited this church once before and we were turned off by a lack of friendliness. We decided to try again, this time arriving early enough to find seats in the traditional service. Last time we could not find seats nor could we find help in finding seats so we went to the other building for the contemporary service.

I enjoyed the traditional service as we sang standard hymns, said the Apostle's Creed and sang the gloria patri. The sermon focused on healing and curing, that they are two different things, and the scripture dealt with Christ's sending of the demons from the man to the herd of swine. Being the first Sunday of the month, Holy Communion was served and an opportunity was made available to receive an anointing of oil and a prayer for any healing you need. I took this opportunity as my mind is not straight for the service I am obliged in my occupation.

We left the church and found a Publix across the street so we stopped to get some subs for lunch and items for dinner tonight. Sirloin steak was on sale so it's steak and baked potatoes with asparagus tonight.

After lunch I took some time to clean our bedroom some and to install our new fax/copier/scanner/printer. I was able to successfully scan and deposit my paycheck into my account with USAA. This is a victory over having to mail them to San Antonio. it also means I have access to scan many of my old print photos for use on this blog.

We are now preparing to watch some tv together and perhaps play a game (Amy and I). Lucy is behaving pretty well today and it should be a good evening to end a good day.

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