Thursday, March 15, 2007

Friday Flashback - Actors Who Thought They Could Sing

Welcome back boys and girls. As promised last week, the Friday Flashback to 80's music videos spotlights actors who tried to cross over to the music biz and pretty much failed miserably. I will grant an exception to Rick Springfield, but I did find what I consider his cheesiest video since the deli scene in General Hospital. And have [atience with the Bruce Willis video from his "Return of Bruno" days, it takes almost to 1 minute 50 before he starts to sing.

On a side note, my thanks to my beloved for making a stop at the Friday Flashback worth a bonus point on her contest, and to Cyndi, who always stops by on Friday, yes, the answer to my questiopn regarding Sam Jackson and Star Wars is that his light saber was the first good guy saber not to be blue or green, he got purple for his bad self. The bad guys sabers all were red.

Bruce Willis aka Bruno with "Respect Yourself" - 1987

Don Johnson with "Heartbeat" (note the passionate facial expressions)

Rick Springfield - Human Touch

Eddie Murphy "Party All the Time"


jdoriot said...

Ahhh...Rick Springfield...I had the hugest crush on him! lol!! Yep...pretty cheesy! lol!!

debi said...

Oh, that's so funny...I was going to say the same thing as jdoriot! Had to watch General Hospital back in the day to get my daily dose!

leigh said...

I used to have posters of Rick Springfield on my wall as a teen!

TeaMouse said...

Thanks for those videos! I still have Rick Springfield on my mp3 player - yes I am stuck in the 80'! What a blast!

Karen said...

These are too funny:-) There was another actor in the 80's I believe that played Danny Romalloti(sp?) on The Young and The Restless that had one hit, "Rock On" I believe...but I can't remember his real life name.

Hope you feel better soon, Strep stinks!

P.S. If you and Amy want to play in the women's NCAA tourney the last day to sign up is today, I think Amy has the group name/password for the one I set up on If not, and you want to play, let me know and I'll resend it.

Happy Friday:-)

Cyndi said...

michael Damien is the young and restless guy. I am a GH fan and I love rick sprinfield as Noah Drake, and I'm glad he's back.
I love your themes. and whoohoo got the question right.:)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I didn't even have to go watch these links, as I am a child of the 80's and actually remember most of these! I didn't watch GH but I loved Rick Springfield to :)

gail said...

I remember Rick Springfield being on GH....don't really remmeber these songs/videos. Thought Don Johnson looked kinda cheesy and weird, he's changed since then!