Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My own version of 300 - Trivia Style

Tonight Amy had to work, and I had told our friends the Houghs (team name The Bambinos)that I would come play as part of their team at trivia. I got there as the rules were being read, scanned the room for the Houghs and didn't see them so I grabbed the answer sheets and sat down to start, assuming they were running late (carrying an infant can cause that to happen).

They never showed, but I started off perfect through round one so I continued to play on my own. Our dreaded rivel "The Old Peaople" (actual team name) were tied with me through round 2 and into round three when I missed the question "How many games does a major league baseball team play in the regular season?"

The round 3 bonus cost me 5 points too because I got one answer right and two wrong regarding "Name the top three best-selling store-bought brands of ice cream in the United States."

So I persevered, down about 7 points, but still in second place out of 8 teams. I talked to the Old People and they said they would be very embarassed if I won as a solo player as they had 8 people on their team. I got 2 of the 4 answers right in round four, and then the final question. Before the question was asked, the scoreboard, Old People 78, Bambinos 74, and some others close behind in the 60's and one 70.

The final bonus question - 25 possible points, wrong answers cost you 5 points, correct answers earn you 5 points. "Name the 5 artists being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year." I knew 2 right off, and remembered a third. Knowing I would not remember any more, I turned in my 3 good answers to secure my 15 points. The Old People got two correct and guessed at no more. Do the math now, everybody...

Old People - 78 + 10 = 88

Bambinos (me all by my lonesome) - 74 + 15 = 89

Victory by ONE POINT over a force 8 times my size! (and $40 house cash for next week!)


Cyndi said...

was the baseball one 162? Congrats on kicking butt by yourself!

Mike Thomas said...

Well done. Any time we youngins' can take out 8 oldies at once...well, you gotta take advantage ;)
I love your blog, keep it up. I think I'll bookmark...Ooooh! You're worthy! ;)

Jeff said...

Yeah! Way to beat the Old People! They are so frackin' annoying, and yet I'll miss them dearly as I'll miss trivia. Boo. Now I'm sad.