Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Common Cars

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Thirteen Things about Michael

Thirteen attainable automobiles I would like to own.

1. Late 60's Ford Mustang Convertible

2. 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible

3. A Mini-cooper (contemporary model) w/racing stripes

4. Chevy Avalanche

5. Humvee (original model)

6. 2007 Jeep Wrangler (new 4-door model)

7. Jeep Commander (the Cherokee meets the Hummer)

8. 2009 Chevy Camaro (it's going retro)

9. Late 60's Pontiac GTO convertible

10. Pontiac Solstice

11. Audi RS6

12. Plymouth Roadster

13. Chrysler Crossfire

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Mike Thomas said...

I am deeply honoured for the link you have posted...I spelled honoured with the "u" cause' that's how we roll in Canada!
Neat 'Thursday Thirteen'.

Barbara said...

We owned a 1967 GTO, but it was a hardtop, not a convertible. But, the prettiest car we owned (my husband had it when we got married) was a beautiful baby blue 1957 Chevy hardtop with rolled seat covers. I wish he had never gotten rid of it. I saw one of them the other day in HIS original color of black - beautiful!

Check out my TT

annb said...

Nice list! You must have a huge garage!

TeaMouse said...

I'm with you on the mustang - and the new 2007 mustang looks sweeeeeet! For a bit I wasn't enjoying the look of them, but they are a nice looking car once again. Either that or a 69 mustang - why, well it's my birth year of course and a fine looking car.
Failing that, I would take an old VW bug and probably paint it wild with big!

Anastacia said...

Interesting list. I must admit, I'm not really into cars at all... but my parents do own a 64 ford falcon convertible!

My tt is up!

Amy said...

Mustangs ROCK! My hubs and I own our own Mustang restoration shop so if you ever need one restored give me a holler!!

I know I don't need to do it here, but I am thankful that I have found another true Mustang fan!

Mercy's Maid said...

Did somebody say Chick-Fil-A? I love Chicky. Many a time when a date has asked me where I wanted to eat dinner, I have requested Chick-Fil-A. :)

YellowRose said...

We bought our daughter a Jeep, it's fun! I've been in the market for a new car for myself, hubby wants me to look at the Solstice. It's a cute car. We'll see.

Happy TT!

Denise Patrick said...

Not being into cars, I didn't even know what some of them were. I hope you get a chance to own some of them someday.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

GTO all the way!

Marcia said...

2009 - going retro? I want one.

gail said...

Mustangs, cool! I think my hubby actually rode with someone yesterday in their Jeep commander but I forgot to find out how he liked it! My son likes humvees but not me so much.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'm not really a car girl, but I love those little Mini coops! They are so cute and I always think of one of our favorite movies, The Italian job. Loved those cars in that movie, LOL


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