Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Movie Day

Part of being home sick with the flu can mean a lot of time being bored, so I watched movies today. I started off with Blazing Saddles because it is a classic comedy despite the racial content. It is Mel Brooks who ridicules his own Jewishness as much as every other stereotype portrayed in this send-up of the Western genre.

Next was Untamed Heart, which I noticed was available for free on On Demand. I've always liked Christian Slater and this is a sweet tearjerker co-starring Marisa Tomei and a tolerable amount of Rosie Perez who may be the most annoying actress to ever be in a movie.

Later, with Amy, came the first of two films neither of us had ever seen before, Charlotte's Web, the 2006 live action adaptation of the E.B. White classic kids story. It was cute and had a diverse ensemble cast for voices, but it really is a kid's film and I was kinda bored. I did admire how nurturing the spider was of the pig and her eggs.

We then watched American Idol and we have no clue who will be voted off because no one really sucked. My hope is to see David Archuletta go because he won't break from ballads and show any range or Carly. She's overrated and Simon was right, she needs to vary her image and cover the tattoos every once and a while.

After Idol it was time for one more movie and we had Wild Hogs from Netflix. I was really surprised by this one because of the amount of references to fecal matter and homosexual activity that was pervasive from start to finish. It had it's funny moments, but it is not a family film by any means. We were surprised by a number of actors we spotted including M.C. Gainey from Lost and Peter Fonda in a cameo at the end. Throw in Marisa Tomei (twice in one day), Jill Hennesey (Crossing Jordan and Law & Order)and Ray Liota and we had some surprises, but not one to own.

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