Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good Days at Work

I've had more than a few of these recently. Part of it may be being in better health post-flu. Part of it could be the prospect of new challenges at a new store. Part of it could be that I have four shifts to go before I head to Florida and a 7-day cruise. Hrmmmmm.

So today I was a few minutes late, clocked in at 8:07 and found out the truck was already there (Saturday is truck day). We worked on unloading the truck and sorting product and wrapped up around 9:15-9:30. I then went to open the photo lab and found I had 5 internet orders waiting, totalling almost 3000 prints! Wow!

So they were working on downloading and got stuck. The first part of the order was 82% downloaded and did not increase for over 2 hours so I sent in a help request online. I worked on putting out my product, food, snacks and beverages and got an extra photo staff member at 1pm. I hit Wendy's for lunch and overdid it with a Baconator and a cup of chili.

After lunch it was all working on and in the cooler which was overfilled in the walk-in part because the Pepsi vendor likes to over-order and then the driver does very little merchandising which should include rotating and filling product on the shelves. He just dumps it in the walk-in and leaves. This would be another reason I like Coke so much more than Pepsi.

So I cleared a lot of product, emptied a lot of crates of soda and refilled all the Arizona tea which was on sale through today at 2/$1.00.

I got to my car (having bought some soda and bottled water) and left the store at about 5:30, racing home to get Amy the make-up she asked me to purchase for her.

I got home and found I had a good level of energy so I plan to mess around online a bit, change the cat litter, maybe take Lucy for a walk and maybe do some work on the repainting of the shutters.

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FRIGGA said...

Hehe, I prefer coke too, but for the flavor. It sounds like a good day, I love love days like that when I feel productive. Plus your upcoming trip adds some motivation! :-)