Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crime Drama at Walgreens

The other day I was at work and noticed one of the managers taking someone in jeans and a polo into the office and then open up the cabinet with the security equipment. I asked about it later and he told me the guy was a detective following up on an event from the previous night.

A guy came in to our store to have a prescription filled, for 90 oxycontin. The pharmacist was surprised when she read the order becuase it was written by an OB/GYN (who do not typically prescribe oxycontin), it was for 90 pills, and it was a man trying to use the script. So she called the doctor and found out it was indeed fraudulant.

They called the police and they came to the store to stake it out hoping the guy would come back to pick it up and they could make an arrest. I don't know if he got spooked or what else happened, but they tried to see if he would come in the next morning, but I don't think he did. The standing order is that if he shows up, dial 911.

I think the expectation is he knows someone who works for the doctor and they stole the prescription pad.


FRIGGA said...

Oooh crazy crime drama! I bet if the guy hadn't been so greedy, and made it for like 20 instead he would've walked out without a problem... (Medicine is one of the few areas where I don't lean so far to the right.)

Lisa said...

They've pulled all the Oxy from the pharmacies around us. We've had so many robberies, that it's become to risky for the pharmacist.