Friday, April 04, 2008

Hang on tight!

The world is spinning out of control!

Ordinarily I pay zero attention to Oprah Winfrey, her show, her media empire, her political influence, etc.... I think it was Wednesday though, we were channel surfing and found her show on and her focus was the surviving families of a 2006 auto accident in which the daughters of two families were mistaken, and one family buried what they thought was their daughter only to discover later that their daughter was still alive in the hospital. It was tragic and touching.

A day later Oprah is featuring the world's first pregnant man!

Various media outlets have embraced this gross misrepresentation, which I wonder why it is not being called a fraud.

This pregnant PERSON was born a woman, and has all the female parts (from what they say) with the exception that she had her breasts removed. Hormones have her bearded, it's a "alternative" culture publicity thing and to say this is a pregnant man is an abomination to the God that created her.

Number 2 - Take the microphone away from the Mouth of the South. It appears that Ted Turner thinks we will turn to cannibalism due to global warming. If it comes to this, can we start by hunting and eating any game that is in our country illeagally?

Number 3 - New Kids On The Block are regrouping.

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Bubba's Sis said...

THANK YOU for speaking up about the pregnant "man", who is not a man at all. That whole situation is just freakish, and yes, blasphemous. I'm disgusted.