Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things To Do Before You Get Married

1. Find someone willing to say "yes."
2. Destroy all things related to anyone you might have dated before.
3. See anyone you dated before one last time.
4. Tell your family and hope no one is a jerk about your choice.
5. See the doc, just in case any evidence of anyone you might have dated before is lingering.
6. Register. This can be fun, but be careful about gag things you scan. Someone WILL buy them.
7. Double, no triple, quadruple check the bulletin that no one is left off, especially a bridesmaid.
8. Make a farewell trip to your favorite gentleman's club.
9. Mark your CDs and DVDs (just in case things don't work out).
10. Kiss your golf clubs goodbye (mine haven't seen the light of day in 7 years).


The 5 Powell's said...

Terrible. I'm laughing.
I liked your video for Amy - but I liked mine better. Did she tell you about it? I had it on my blog but it's gone now...ask her about it!

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm sure your list would differ greatly from a woman's list! I skipped it this week, tho. All I could think of was "Be in love."