Friday, March 28, 2008

Is this random?

So I was sitting around surfing the internet this morning and I was invited to play a game where you have to identify a music video based on a single still frame picture from the video. There were 4 of the 15 I had no real clue about, but one of them I thought mught be Public Enemy's "Fight the Power."

I watched the video and found I could not match the picture I saw, but I did start thinking...

We're deeply and seemingly irrevocably involved in a war that is costing our government (and therefore our citizens) billions of dollars and now over 4000 lives of America's military servicemen and servicewomen. If we try to leave, civil war will wreak havoc on the nation of Iraq and the Middle East will further destabilize. I believe that Saddam Hussein was an evil person and posed a threat to all of his people, but was it worth it?

The price of fuel and related products is at an all-time high, and a ripple effect is taking place and impacting our economy in tremendous ways. Food resources are going up in price, as are shipping costs so the shelf prices are climbing. Our banks and major industries like automotive and air carriers are realing and all the banks can do is find new ways of recovering their losses by increasing fees and penalties against their customers.

The job market is taking a major hit as a result of the uncertainty of the economic future and people without secure jobs are going to be fighting for jobs below their qualifications, making it harder for those who are trying to improve their position in life to make any headway.

I have no faith in the political process in the United States of America. There are way too many people representing us who do so out of personal ambition and desire for wealth and power and too few who actually want to serve in order make the country and the world a better place.

We are looking at another presidential election here in about 7 and a half months and of the three people most-likely to become our nations leader, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain, I don't believe I want ANY of them making decisions that will impact my life, so I can not see that I will be inspired to vote this year, except if a referendum allowing the commercial sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays in Georgia makes it to the ballot. There is no justification for making it illeagal for a grocery store to sell a case of beer on a Sunday. Unless I am grossly mistaken, the law is based on the respect of the Chrsitan sabbath, which means the will of one faith is being imposed on all citizens. I cannot imagine another reason for this law being on the books, though I once heard some argument about the impact it would have on the workers on Monday, as if they could not buy their alcohol on Saturday to drink on Sunday or go to a ar or restaurant and drink all they want on Sunday there.

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