Monday, March 03, 2008

Some Memphis Pics

Sunday, just after Noon, and the blues is being played on Beale Street.

The Memphis Trolley Line

Mississippi River from the roof of the Peabody Hotel

Beale Street Northbound

Beale Street Southbound


FRIGGA said...

Cool photos! I've only ever driven through the corner of TN, but I like the look of Memphis, especially that last picture of a quiet street - lots of signs and trash cans though - maybe thats why the street looks so clean?

Valtool said...

Beale St. is the hub of the downtown night life in Memphis. All of the blues bars and night clubs are there. I imagine they send some effort between the wee hours of Sunday morning and daybreak cleaning it all.

In Orlando it's Church St. and Ornage Ave. and in Atlanta it's mainly Peachtree St. in the Buckhead section of town. I do give Memphis credit for the cleanup.