Monday, March 17, 2008

Dare I even think of a comment?

While checking the local news and weather this morning at I noticed a peculiar link on one of the columns to a story about "10 Cool Destinations for Gays and Lesbians."

The media is widely accepted to be liberal, and liberals (to me) seem to promote a we should all get along and live in harmony kind of attitude. So, why is it that they would publish a story promoting the places ideal for a subset and not ideal for all?

I looked at the list, hoping to laugh at one of the options being a place called Closet (pronounced claus-say if it's French). Instead I found Dublin, Ireland. Well there are a lot of Catholics there and we know what priests seem to like sexually. And there was Denver, Colorado, heterosexuals beware, they are vacationing in Denver. Marsielles, France, okay, they can have that one. Santiago, Chile, for your third-world gay and lesbian adventure. Shanghai, China, for your communist gay and lesbian adventure. Austin, TX is one I can't understand, unless you use the Louis Gossett, Jr. line regarding Oklahoma in "An Officer and a Gentleman" regarding steers and queers.

I should probably mention that this same newspaper ran a story a couple of years ago about Key West, FL and how it's no l0nger the Mecca for gay vacationers, awwwwwww. Perhaps Jimmy Buffett ruined it for all of them by living there and writing songs about the place. So Jimmy, what can you sing about Denver, "An Omelet Looks at 40?"


FRIGGA said...

I'll leave my strong opinions out of this and let you know that:

Today I posted the "stories" from last weeks Mad Libs style TT - come by and vote for your favorite if you have time! :-)

Bubba's Sis said...

Umm....last time I was in Key West there were PLENTY of gays there.

Jeff said...

I look forward to next week's top travel story: Top Destinations For Lutherans Who Like Peanut Butter. Surpringly, No. 1 is Santa Fe.