Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ten On Tuesday #12

Ten Places I'd Take a Tourist in my Hometown

Oakland Cemetary - Georgia and Atlanta History

The Cyclorama - The entire wall of the circular viewing room is a painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta. The auditorium seats rotate as features of the painting are highlighted and explained.

Amicalola Falls - One of Georgia's State parks

Six Flags Over Georgia

Centennial Olympic Park - which can include the surrounding attractions of the CNN Center, The Tabernacle, and the Georgia Aquarium.

Turner Field - formerly Olympic Stadium. The stadium was converted and renamed to be the home of the Atlanta Braves.

Kennesaw National Battlefield Park

Georgia's Stone Mountain Park

The World of Coke (also at Centennial Olympic Park)

Zoo Atlanta - we have pandas!

The Varsity - It's the world's largest drive-in restaurant with a very long history and a reputation for eats even approved of by Rachael Ray. You have to try the chili dogs, onion rings and either an orange freeze (shake) or a chocolate shake.


Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds great! I'm coming to visit!

Jeff said...

All good choices. Many are places I used to drive, take a picnic and a book and just enjoy peace and quiet, such as the top of Kennesaw Mountain (on a weekday), Oakland Cemetery (with the Six Feet Under deli across the street), and Centennial Olympic Park, an awesome place to relax, even just during break across from my old stomping grounds of CNN. Turner Field is a good ballpark with no negative sightlines. I was never a fan of the zoo in Atlanta, though.

FRIGGA said...

Awesome - I never new Atlanta had these. Well, the waterfall is amazing - but all 10 of those places sound and look like interesting places that I'd love to visit someday.

How many of those pictures did you take yourself?

Kat said...

I just did my ten on Tuesday for Atlanta as well - it's amazing how much there is to do here! And...I can't believe I forgot the Varsity - or even the Fox theatre (we usually hit the varsity after going to the Fox!).

Teena said...

That waterfall looks amazing!

I played too ... come check out Toronto :)

Heather said...

I love Atlanta! And I love Coca Cola! The tasting room there is the best.

Thanks for sharing. Have a great Tuesday!