Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol - 8 guys

Our friend Jeff has been singing the praises of the guys over the girls, and I have to agree, except for last night. For the most part, the guys sucked.

Luke Menard - Wham, Wake me up (Jitterbug) - weak song, no vocal challange, Simon was right, he won't be back next week.

David Archuletta - Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise - the kid has a cute factor, the song was not great but not bad. He'll continue.

Danny Noriega - Soft Cell - Tainted Love - Paula called him a "bright light," I think she had the right idea, but it's a flame and it's bright. This is the hero of I can't stand him. They spent a ton of time on his attitude and his hair and the fact he speaks in "text talk."

David Hernandez - All Coming Back to Me Now - It's a song written by Jim Steinman, recorded by Celine Deon and later by Meatloaf. I would swear the song was in the 90's unless someone else recorded it earlier. Amy liked his performance, as did the judges. This is the contestant with the newest controversy because it has come out that he worked as a stripper in a gay club until last September.

Michael Johns - Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me - This is the Australian guy who lives in Atlanta. We like him, he rocks and he has a good voice. His performance is one of the best of the night and he'll have no problem advancing. The weird thing is when talking with the judges, Randy says something about the Aussie going home for 80's night. I don't know if Simple Minds is from Australia, but I know for sure that they recorded this song and not INXS which makes it weird that Randy mentioned Michael Hutchins.

David Cook - Hello - Lionel Richie - I like this guy, he rocks, and he reminds me of Homer Simpson. He did a great job adding some juice to a very recognizable ballad from the 80's. Rock on.

Jason Castro - Hallelujah - many performers over the years. Most people know it from the Shrek soundtrack. The judges loved it, and I thought it was okay. Personally I think the dude is a poser with the dredlocks.

Chikizie - She Builds Me Up - various versions including Luther Vandross and as Simon won't get past, Whitney Houston. It was fair, not worth bumping him, but not great either.


FRIGGA said...

Hey, I don't know if you've ever checked out my blogger friend, Karina - but she just started a new blog where she does American Idol recaps too - just thought it might interest you.

I came by to let you know I tagged you, again :-0 I know I just tagged you recently, so don't feel obligated. But I had a lot of fun putting it together!! :-)

Bubba's Sis said...

I was SO GLAD to see Danny go tonight!! Can't. Stand. Him.

Wasn't surprised about Luke - I figured it would be him.