Friday, March 07, 2008

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We are watching the "results" show of American Idol and so far all is well in the world of AI. Kady Malloy and Luke Menard have been announced as two of the four contestants who will not be continuing on to next week. Our hope is the other two are Amanda and Danny. We now know that Amanda is safe. She is the female favorite to vote for despite not deserving it. It's down to Asia'h and Kristy Lee as the last two of whom one is not advancing.... the one voted off is.....Asia'h is heading home. I'm okay with that choice. So one guy to go still.... it's down to Danny the gay guy and Chikizie the one-named black dude.... going home is.....Danny Noriega! So Vote For The Worst got beat early in the season!

If you like music from the 1980's, which was the theme for American Idol this week, please check out this website, I am the moderator and we get a music video from the 1980's every day and sometimes some other articles and flashback materials. Today would be Long Distance Dedication Friday, but I don't have any requests or dedications to post this week. Last week was a blast with a friend from college dedicating "Cars That Go Boom" to her sister. Email me at to make your dedication and request.

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Ashley said...

I blog about American Idol each week and make my picks as to who I think will be going home. Amanda has been on my list since the first week; hopefully she'll go home sometime during the next two weeks... Luke has also been on my list since the start... This week I finally got him right, along with Danny and Kady.

Good post. Now I need to check out your Friday's Feast, which is how I got here in the first place.