Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yesterday's Story

I will get back to my autobiographical post soon, being in the right mindset is going to be needed. In the meantime, something weird in the way of weather.

Yesterday when I got home from work I went out back and played in the yard with Lucy and Pixel. It was a really beautiful afternoon and I was very comfortable. When I came inside I saw the weather was reporting a temperature here of about 68 degrees. Very nice.

We had rain coming lasst night and a cold front came with it. I was not outside much today, and currently it is 26 degrees out in Atlanta, with the wind chill factor, it feels like 9. Wow.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be back in the 50's. What's up with that? I need to do some weather pictures. I should find some old ones of the back yard and the trees so I can post before the drought and after the drought for you guys to compare.

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