Friday, February 15, 2008

Half Day Off

These pictures are brought to you courtesy of my dear Mother-in-law Barbara Pentz through the benefit of the Sears giftcard I received from her and F-i-L Tom. Today we went to use it and I bought myself a new lens for my camera and these were among the first pics I took with it. Our weather has been so weird that the buds don't know what to do with themselves. I think my mom told me these are Camillas.
I worked today from 8-10:30 to open the photo lab and put away the refrigerated delivery we get each Friday morning. After working I came home and we went to lunch and a movie. Lunch was Amy's choice for quick and near the theatre. We tried a chain called Chilitos. It was good, but is a very obvious Moe's Southwest knock-off. We each had burittos, mine was steak and hers was spicy chicken.
For the movie we went to see National Treasure : Book of Secrets and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Granted, some elements were predictable, but I liked how they accomplished a few tasks that I heard would be required, and the fact you can make an entertaining action/comedy based on United States history is somehting else I like about these movies. When can we see more of Diane Krueger by the way?

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