Friday, February 22, 2008

Caught up in the busy

Well, it's been a heck of a week I guess. It seems like it flew by and even though I managed to do a Thursday Thirteen and a Friday's Feast, I don't think I've done much else, so here's the update.

Sunday, went to church and it was good. I worked the closing shift at the bookstore and was heading over to play poker at Winston's but got stopped on the way out of the church by a lady whose car battery had died. She mentioned it was only her third visit to North Metro, so I shrigged off making it to poker early enough for the bonus chips and did the right thing and helped get her truck started.
I made it to Winston's and actually won the tournament. I earned a $25 gift certificate and my second entry into the Sunday winner's tournament, so I can give that slot to anyone I choose. I will likely give it to a friend, Randy, because of the manner in which I took him out of the tourney this week.
We made it to the concert Sunday night, which I posted pictures from.

Monday was a regular day at work, actually pretty enjoyable. We played trivia Monday night and did not place in the prizes, though we had a good time after the stress of finding seats. On Mondays we play at a pizza parlor and even being there an hour before the game began, we had trouble finding tabels to accomodate 6 people. We wound up with 9 and worked into two booths back-to-back. There's one team that beings 16-22 people every week, and that's kinda nuts.

Tuesday I was supposed to work an evening shift, but I called off because I was feeling miserable, a combination of flu-like stuff and high blood sugar.

Wednesday was my scheduled day off. Amy went to her Bible Study and I slept in. We went out to the movies, using passes we were given for Christmas and we saw 27 Dresses. It was cute for a formulaic chick flick and Amy wants to get a copy when it comes out on DVD. I will say Katherine Heigel is a beautiful woman, and I liked her better in this than in Knocked Up.
Wednesday night we had trivia again (at Winston's) where we were competing in the chamionship tournament. We qualified by coming in 1st or 2nd during the past 4 weeks and were up against 6 other teams for a special 1st place $200 and 2nd place $100 prize paid in CASH. We were tied for first the ENTIRE game. The team we were tied with got the final bonus correct (as we did) so we had to have a tie-breaker, closest to the pin answer wins on how many years did Bob Barker host the Price is Right. We said 36, the other team said 46. The correct answer was 35, so we won!

Thursday was a longer day than expected. I had a meeting with all the head photo specialists in my district at our district office, so 25 of us were there. It was pretty boring and they confirmed the disappointing news I had already heard, that my store will not be getting an inkjet cartridge refill machine in the next batch. Seven stores in the district are getting them of the 14 that don't already have one. Here's the stupid part. We want one. We take in inkjet cartridges to refill even though we don't have the machine because we want to demonstrate the need in our area. Of the 14 stores without machines, we have never been less than number one each week for taking in cartridges, yet we are not getting one. Whatever.
After work I went to the men's bible study at church and had a pretty good experience, for one, nobody blocked me in. Also, the pastor who leads it joined our table for discussion and he has a pretty good read on who I am and some of what I am dealing with spiritually. After the study I went out to get a sandwich with a friend who is in my community group and we had a very long heart-to-heart talk about a lot of things and he found we have a lot in common and are quite comfortable sharing with each other, and he needs someone like me to talk to and have listen to him.
Work today was hectic as we had no one working other than the manager on duty and me. We covered things pretty well despite being short 3 of 5 scheduled people. One position was not scheduled due to a lack of staff available, one was not there because the scheduled person quit last week, and the third did a no-call no-show, so it was Carlos and me all day. I igot Amy some dinner and a new hair dryer on the way home and we ate and now I'm likely gonna lay down for about an hour before going out to play cards tonight.

Be sure to visit the blog I have dedicated to the 1980's. There is a music video every day and this week I wrote my first article for added content. I need y'all to email me with requests and/or dedications for my Friday video theme. The blog is

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