Monday, February 18, 2008

Vaughan Rhea - Drinker's Hour

Vaughan Rhea is a friend of mine. He's a talented many in many ways. Sure, he's been the frontman of a band with a major-label contract. He's toured with Creed, and had a song on the soundtrack for the TV show Smallville. He's the father of two awesome boys and a beutiful girl. He has an awesome wife. He knows God. The song in this video is from his first independent CD Panes. It was while he was working as an unsigned artist in Orlando that we met, and I attended many of his shows, took pictures for him, and even traveled with the band for showcases in Atlanta and Nashville. It's unfortunate that radio did not pick up his singles, but this video is something new, and shows the style that I always thought was his best sound, before the contract and the overproduction. Drinker's Hour was written about his own father's struggle with alcohol and the effect it had on thier family. Listen to the song and you'll know he should be on the radio.


Love and Smiles said...

I like his sound.

Andy said...

Does anyone know what he's doing these days? Is he still recording, and if so, anyone know where I can get his albums?