Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not MY brother, not MY son...

Saturday morning at 12:15am, a trainee with the Atlanta Police Department sat in his personal vehicle, in the parking lot of his gated apartment complex, working on his laptop computer (the clubhouse has wi-fi). He hears a knock on his window and turns to see a 14 year old black male holding a shotgun. The cadet does not know specifically what the kid wants, but assumes it's the computer, maybe the car too.
The cadet opens the door and manages to reach for his pistol, concealing it under the computer. He fires three times, striking and killing the teen. A possible accomplice is seen fleeing and is not pursued.
Though an investigation is ongoing with the Jonesboro, GA police, the expectation is that the cadet will not faces charges as the shooting was in self-defense.

Found next to the dead youth was a set of car keys. These keys matched a vehicle found parked outside the apartment complex, which had been stolen earlier in the week.

Despite these facts, the adult brother of the dead suspect says there is no way his brother was involved in this and was murdered by the cadet. The fact the kid had a shotgun and the keys to a stolen car don't have any weight in his argument, yet this is always the case whrn something like this happens.


Bubba's Sis said...

Stuff like this drives me nuts. I'm sure the family will file some sort of lawsuit. It's ridiculous.

FRIGGA said...

I blame Liberals for always wanting to coddle rapists and murderers. I say we lock 'em up and make them SERVE their time in a way that is not fun and not filled with the liberties that innocents are supposed to have.

The cadet deserves a medal for his bravery too!