Saturday, February 02, 2008

Randomness Part 3

It's 10:39 PM on Saturday. Sonce I got home around 5:10, I have barely moved from my spot in front of the laptop, at the coffee table, in front of the TV.

I have blogged, checked email, watched TV/movies, and here I am, now really wanting to go upstairs, get warm under some blankets, and go to bed.

IN the meantime...

I got a package in the mail today! My first ever blog prize! I won a CD case and a guitar pick from my blog-friend Frigga at

The weird thing is here I am winning a guitar pick and having it arrive the day after I was missing my guitar. BTW Frigga thank you for the pick, it will join it's frirnds in my desk drawer for now. Ever see the Fender Confetti picks? I have a few of those still, anda one from Meatloaf, and I used to have one from one of the guys in the Hooters. I was partial to medium strength picks back when I played.

Tomorrow is the Superbowl. I was more excited a week or two ago, but well, it's tomorrow. I expect and kinda hope New England will win, and as usual, hope for the commercials to be big.

Sometime tomorrow I will post the name of my second Bloggy prize winner. I did one on my 80's music blog. Since I had 55 or so contestants, I opted for number 37, because I turned 37 a few weeks ago.

I have come up with some formatting for that blog now that we've run the alphabet. Each day will have a theme, and it can be interactive, with Valtool's version of Casey Kasem's Long Distance Dedications. Those happen on Fridays, so send me an email and make your request!

1 comment:

FRIGGA said...

Yay, I'm glad you got it!! As for the picks, since my mom gave away my guitar before my first lesson, I don't know much about picks. I think the guy at the place where I bought them was mocking me becase I told him I wanted the pretty ones - I think he thought I was making a necklace... 8-)

Happy Monday!! :-)