Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's Up

Well folks, I did not get the job I had hoped for with Kauffman Tires. I had an interview today with Target and it went well. I actually had two interviews, one with each of their two HR executive team leaders. They have an opening for a team leader in logistics, which sounds pretty much like a FT overnight position handling receiving and processing of stock. I can definitely do the work, and it would put Amy and me on the same schedule at least 3 days a week.

I also picked up a few other applications and am working to find something I can at least start in the next week or so.

What else. Pixel had fun trying to meet new people today. We had visits from the exterminator and the air conditioning man. As I never got around to paying the last exterminator visit, the two times charge was $130 but we are covered through September now. So, then, the AC guy showed up. For about 4 days now we have had water leaking from the evaporater/condensor drain in the garage. We called yesterday to schedule someone and the lady was pretty hung up on calling it emergency service, which I was trying to convince her it was not. So the guy came out today and we signed on for the annual service agreement. This gets us 4 visits a year for regular maintainence and they provide 3-month filters and today he thoroughly cleaned the drain and the coils. End price, $230 so checks written today totaled $400.

As for Pixel, he tried to climb the bug man, and he tried very hard to figure out a way through the gate from the back yard to the side yard. He tried, and we saw him, but he could not get through, but it was cute.

I went out briefly to play cards, losing moderately into the game on a bad beat. I had Ace-Jack. The guy to my right went all in with garbage and I called him. One other player to my left called and raised to put me all in. Ideally, he should have folded, but he had pocket jacks. We turned up cards and I hit my ace on the flop, putting me well in the lead. He caught a miracle thirds jack (the ONLY one left in the deck) on the river, putting me out.

I came home and took Lucy for the long walk Amy promised her. We ttok a walk from our house to the neighborhood pool and back. Lucy was very thirsty and my blood sugar was at 74.

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