Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weird Long Day

So I went to bed last night about 10pm, which was a little early for me, but I did not sleep enough Friday night, so it made sense. I spent a good bit of time Saturday conducting 5 mystery shops, all for $18 a piece. This was visiting SuperWalMarts and krogers to count their selections of charcoal, by price, UPC, location, and quantity. I took a break between shops 4 and 5 to play cards and I won the loser's tournament after suffering two bad beats at the main tournament. My pocket Aces got beat by 4-7 offsuit which lead to a full house.

I went back out and finished the last shop, including buying Amy a treat (Kroger had a 6-pack of Heath Bars on sale). I also stopped at Subway because they were having a sale on 2 footlongs and that brings us to the next part of the story. I woke up at 2am with a really badly upset stomach. I took some imodium and tried to rest, but no help came. I wound up awake from 2 til 5:30 during which at least I got to apply online for jobs with Kroger and Blockbuster (both of whom I've worked for before).

Back to bed from 5:30 til 10 when Amy woke me up to take over the bed. I did not find a great deal in the paper this week, but I did apply online for JC Penny stores.

Yesterday (I forgot to mention) I got a postcard from Target saying thank you but no thank you. This is really weird because on Thursday I had two interviews with them and they wanted me to interview with the unit director for another interview. You tell me what happened......

So tonight, a glimmer of happiness. We went out to dinner with Amy's sister Kelly. She flew in for a week of training/meetings with her company so we picked her up at the airport, went to Romano's Macaroni Grille and dropped her at the hotel.

Dinner was nice, nicer than Jeff's dinner experience. Click his name for the details.

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