Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Flashback #28 - Debbie Gibson

Six Videos This Week! Yes, thanks to a young girl named Scamehorn (or her mother), a point was made last week about my everlasting fan appreciation of most every thing Debbie. I did then and now Friday Flashback once, but ths is a spotlight on her big singles from '87 to '89. As for me, I saw her in concert in the Fall of 1989 and met her for the first of four or five times in '94. Enjoy.


Sparky Duck said...

ahhh, gotta love early 90s hotness, even if it didnt work on my PC

Shannon S said...

I'm lovin' your flashbacks! I actually met Debbie when she was doing Grease in London. She made applesauce bread for us theatre workers at Christmas.