Saturday, June 09, 2007

Emotional Why?

I spent some time wondering to myself yeasterday why I am as emotional as I am when it comes to being affected/effected (never could get those straight) by movies/tv.

I cry at movies and tv shows and hearing stories of great and horrible things.

Last month it was the watching of another couple's video of their call about their baby in China being selected.

Any time there is a fireman's funeral in a movie or on tv.

Most recently a three-fold regarding the season (and I believe series) finale of Studio 60 on Sunset Strip which my wife and I love. She has not seen the first part of this three-part finale so baby, stop reading now....

The rest of you pan down....

They are doing three things which hit me.

1. A major character is suffering emotional trauma because his brother has been captured and is being held by enemy combatants in Afghanistan.

2. A major character is in danger due to complications in her pregnancy, both the mother and baby are at risk and they are being rushed to surgery.

3. Two other major characters are having a heated argument (which has gone on for the entire 8 years they have known each other) about her devout Christian faith, and his Jewish, how-can-you-believe-in-a-fairy-tale? mentality. He is starting to come around because of the events happening around them. He asked her if her praying was just busy-work or if it had any real influence on the other two situations. Then, as they were leaving to head to the hospital, he looked up and said "Show me something."

I have to believe (or want to believe) this is more about him wanting to find a reason to believe more than it is about him wanting to end the debates he and his on-again, off-again girlfriend have been having for so long.

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Bubba's Sis said...

I love this show, too - and it's hitting me emotionally as well. I hope it all works out OK!!!!