Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Yeah, so it's been a week since I wrote anything here and that was half of a meme. can you say uninspired? I've bene working a lot, having done 6 straight days last week with a day off on Sunday. I then started another 4 day stretch yesterday which will be followed by one day off, one day on and one day off again.

As for work, it's pretty much the same every day, with the exception that we now know the ssue that was stressing my photo printer, a worn gear that holds a chain drive tight so pictures got too close to each other and caused the sensor to miscount and sometimes jam.

I hear a good bit about the potential of becoming a manager, which i have less and less faith in happening and whether it is something i want anymore anyway. It seems there is no sense of rank and direction among the management I serve and there is no accountability for the things that go wrong or don't get done. Excuses are made and life goes on. The money is my only real incentive.

I did get up and out today to vote in our runoff election, trying to re-elect our incumbant Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss. We have a personal stake in his re-election because he helped us fasttrack some of our adoption paperwork through the State department. There has been a ton of negative advertising, spearheaded by national groups wanting to influence the balance of the Senate. the best the Democrats can come up with is to misrepresent the Fair Tax and Chambliss' support of it, hoping people are too dumb to know it's a misrepresentation. Sadly, they are right.

Just under two hours til work tonight. I have to make a little time to pull the Christmas tree out of the garage and set it up (always a pain becuase it's prelit and i can never get the cords connected correctly to light the whole thing.

In the meantime i am watching Grosse Pointe Blank on Encore Love. it's a black comedy, anda in no way a love story, but it is a great movie especially for fans of John Cusack. Here's something i learned about it today. Dan Akroyd has a role in it that I always thought wass named Grosser. it turns out his character is named Grocer. I have to think if there is any signifigance to that.

Minnie Driver, Jeremy Piven, Joan Cusack and Hank Azaria also are in this movie.

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