Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Grammy Nominee In the Family

My wife's baby brother, Wes Pentz, aka Wes Gully, aka DJ Diplo has been nominated for a Grammy for 2008! He is a DJ and producer who worked with dance artist M.I.A. whose single "Paper Planes" is up for RECORD OF THE YEAR. Their fellow nominees include Robert Plant, Adelle, Coldplay, and Leona Lewis. Here is the video for "Paper Planes."


Jose said...

I really enjoyed this song, there are not to many songs I like of this genra. I know Coldplay is on fire so they are in real tough competition. But just to be nominated it's an honor. I wish them gool luck.

amy said...

Im just excited that m.i.a got 3 tickets to the grammys and my mom is back up to go!!!

CraftyCarole said...

I love that you put the video in... I linked because I don't know how to do that.. would you mind telling me how to do it?? thanks