Thursday, December 11, 2008


In the past week I have been thinking a lot about attitudes. I have thought about my attitude towards my work, my wife, my life in general, people in general.

Little things have come to mind like getting on the interstate tonight, knowing the two ramp lanes merge into one and not caring what place in line I am because I will get where I am going eventually.

Bigger things have come to mind resulting in a desire to express a new philosophy through my words and actions. The basis of this philosophy is "What can I do to make YOUR day better?"
I put it into practice today, and despite a major threat to my attitude early on, I rebounded and made a very positive impact on two of my customers today.

This afternoon I took my wife out to dinner (Chinese, which we have not done in a while) and a movie.

My fortune cookie message was "You will develop an interest and appreciation for the culture of China." WOW. (note: fortune cookies are NOT part of the culture of China)

The movie.... we went to see Fireproof.

What a re-enforcement of my attitude/philosophy. This is one to own and to share with your friends, churched and unchurched, married and unmarried.

I have to think and digest (mentally) and I hope to write more later.


Jose said...

That sounds like something I may want to try myself. It's always nice to receive but I think it's more fulfiling to give. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you succeed in your new philosophy.

Evan Islam said...

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