Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday #19

Today's Topic - Ten Things I Want For The Holiday
1. Some new jeans, last bought them in '99.
2. Some new boxers, sis-in-law got me some nice ones last year. BTW it is okay for a s-i-l to buy a b-i-l underwear, but it should NOT be reciprocated.
3. New socks, the white athletic kind because ours seem to disappear here, in volume.
4. There is honestly nothing else I need and the wants I have are way outside our budget, things like...
A new Xbox (not a 360 mind you) just a working original one.
An external flash for my camera. The Canon flashes are in the $200-$350 range.
A buyer for my Jeep who will help me get out from under the $2500 I put into it in the past 2 years. CarMax offered me a ridiculous $400.


Jose said...

All good and useful things. Good chices.

Anonymous said...

jeans - old navy and costco, man. cheap!

socks - has anyone ever studied what happens to socks in the laundry? my house is like the bermuda triangle of socks. i can't figure it out.

xbox - brave the lines/cold at wal mart for black friday. xbox 360 arcade + games + guitar hero iii and wireless guitar for $199. screaming deal!

flash - look at adorama.com or bhphotovideo.com in the used section - they have good deals on speedlights. like just north of 100 bucks for a 420ex. i'm a nikon guy, so i dont know all the specs, but it's a decent flash and should work for you.

jeep - what kind of jeep? specs?

Valtool said...

Adam - welcome to the The Toolbox!

jeans - maybe Sam's if my membership is still good, otherwise walmart. i don't think Old Navy carries stuff big enough for my fat butt.

socks - it's not the laundry or the dog, they just disapper en masse.

Xbox - I work in retail, so i work on friday - never been one for any shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I would be happy with a regular Xbox unless the 360 will run my old games too. I have some I've never opened including Knights of the Old Republic II.

Jeep - 1995 Grand Cherokee, 185000 miles. it runs well but needs a little engine work and the computer is a little fritzy. A year ago it got $2000 worth of AC/Heater work, the tires are 18 months old and in great shape (my work commute is 3 miles RT), it has a new driver's side door and new Kenwood stereo and speakers (4) that has a CD and an MP3/Ipod port.

The Social Frog said...

I was laughing out loud on the whole underware thingy! Great list, have a great day!

FRIGGA said...

Woah, good point, a married man cannot buy underroos for a woman other than his wife (with the exception of young daughters or nieces).

Aren't the older jeans more comfortable? Warn in just right. I'm not a fan of new jeans. But I hope you get everything on your list!! The XBox would seriously be fun!! :)

Adam said...

Pretty sure the xbox plays old games too.. And check old navys website. I think they have bigger sizes online. Check Burlington coat factory too, I've had good luck there with big sizes.

Is the jeep a 4x4? How much? :)

FRIGGA said...

Woah, no new post? Okay....