Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tough night to be me

The Phillies lost another game they likely should have won, again to the Braves, which hurts our playoff chances unless the Cubs come through and beat the Mets tonight. I just checked and the Cubbies came through!

We were watching the game while playing trivia and in the 9th there was some altercation between the Braves pitcher and one of the Phillies that lead to the benches clearing but no punches thrown. I have to find out what that was about. The only Phillie I saw involved was Adam Eaton, a pitcher who does not contribute much to the team.

As for trivia, we sucked wind. We did very well through the first 9 questions, but ran into trouble on the round 2 bonus. It was a question the host has used before, and I swear we got it wrong and so we went with the other answer we considered before and now she says the other one was correct. Here's the deal. In the USA, what group of over-the-counter medications yields the highest gross revenue? The options were cough/cold, heartburn, painkillers, or laxatives. Tonight we said painkillers and she said the answer was cough/cold.

Then we struggled on acing the third round until the bonus question. A four part answer to name the 4 NFL teams with the most victories in Monday Night Football games. We submitted four answers and none were correct. The correct responses would have been Cowboys, 49ers, Broncos and Dolphins. We said Packers, Patriots, Eagles, and Vikings (I think).

So we then aced the fourth round and blew the final bonus. That question was - What rapper was the first raper to be nominated for an Academy Award in ANY category. We chose Coolio for Best Song "Gangstas Paradise" but the answer was Will Smith for Best Actor in Ali.

What else... we turned of four land line today, opting to save $50 a month and just use our cell phones...... Clay Aiken is gay. We didn't need People Magazine to tell us that and it certainly doesn't change my opinion of his music (awful).... The one thing that was a bit positive, kinda fun, was I walked into Winston's and Matt the Bartender yelled out, "There he is! The Hot Dog Eating Champion!"

I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, but last Thursday I ate a plate of spaghetti and went out to play cards. I did very poorly an at 8:45 was leaving and realized I could make it to Winston's by 9pm for the first ever wiener-eating contest. I made it, and I entered and in 3 and a half minutes I ate 8 and a half hotdogs (no buns) and won $25 in house cash, bragging rights, and my picture on the wall!


amy said...
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amy said...

That was my last comment.Sorry, I deleted it because it just didnt make sense. What I was saying was theres been talk about Clay being gay for years,regardless if people liked his music or not. You are right. Im not sure why this made the entertainment news. I could care less. I personally like Clays music.