Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funny Stuff At Work

Today was truck day, so on top of the normal tasks we had a semi to unload and process. It's also the day that the truck with refridgerated items and tobacco products comes, and the Coca-cola delivery, and the Frito-Lay rep. It's a busy day.

In all that we had to do, we had a little humor too.

Our corporate office sent out an email about a month ago reminding us that no political materials are allowed to be posted or distributed on our store property. In today's truck we received animatronic Barak Obamas. These are based on the sing and dance Halloween animatronic toys. I don't care for Obama, but I will say these things are pretty damned tacky.

We have a section of "AS Seen On TV" product and a videotape that runs commercials on a TV in the department....

One item is a Swiffer knock-off, it describes it as using quadrobrush technology. In English, that means it uses 4 brushes.

Another item uses "Space Age polymers." The Space Age began in the late 50's and early 60's, so woo hoo! this thing uses polymers that are 50 years old.

A third ad asks, "Have you ever been snagged in a tree or a bush?"

A new piece of Halloween merchandise is a cherry-flavored liquid candy. It is packed in a clear plastic bag so that it looks like a unit of blood. It's kind of gross, but I have to give it to the manufacturer for originality.

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