Friday, September 26, 2008

The one I forgot

I heard yesterday that a woman has filed a complaint against our store because of her telephone number.

A phonebook company hass published a listing for us that has her area code instead of our area code. The seven digits are the same, but here in Atlanta we have the area codes 404, 770, AND 678. The store I work at has a 678 AC and hers is 770.

As a result, she is getting a number of calls from people looking for us, and these calls are coming at all hours of the day and night. From what I read, we verified that our listing was submitted with our correct AC, but the publisher of the phone book made the mistake.

So we are in no way responsible, but she still wants some form of compensation from us. I don't believe she has a leg to stand on, but we are taking steps to help her, namely by having magnets made with our correct info that we can distribute to our guests.


Jeff said...

I can imagine being just as ticked off, so much that changing my number would become necessary.

Jeff said...

Or I'd start telling callers that "I'm sorry, we at Walgreens don't give a rats booty about your problems. Go to CVS."