Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's football season and that means a lot of bar food. Our friend Jeff posted about some favorite restaurant foods the other day at http://www.eeyorejeff.blogspot.com/, so I figured I could write about food too. So here is a list of my favorite bar food/appetizers....

Chicken Nachos - the place for these HAS to be Miller's Ale House. If you are in Central Florida you can find one easily, otherwise it might be tough. $9.95 and two guys can have trouble putting this dish away.

Buffalo Wings - To be perfectly honest, I have ALWAYS liked the wings at Hooters. To demonstrate I do not go there for the "atmosphere" I will mention my orders for takeout far outweigh any dine-in orders. I like the breading and usually order medium or hot.

Spinach Dip - it's hard to do this wrong, so anywhere is usually fine.

3 Cheese Crab and Shrimp Dip - this one I have only seen at O'Charley's and it might be seasonal, but it's GOOD!

Chili Cheese Fries - okay, a bit messy, but usually tolerable.

Potato Skins - loaded down with cheddar cheese, bacon bits, chives and some sour cream. It's the comfort food of appetizers.

Chips & Salsa - we went through a lot of these when we would hit Chili's after HS football games.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders - Again with the Ale House, but Chili's does a good job too.

Fried Mushrooms - pretty much good wherever you go.

Stuffed Mushrooms - love me some of that crabmeat and cheese.

What are your favorites and who does them well?

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