Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing to say

I am here to say that I have nothing to say. But isn't that saying something itself?

It's been an uneventful week and a half or so. The last I posted anything where I was writing, it was about my mother coming to visit. It was a nice visit, but it was nothing eventful. We had a few meals together and played trivia one night, but beyond that I worked a all but one day that she was here and we more or less sat around that day and watched TV. I am glad she came, and I enjoyed the company, I just have nothing to blog about regarding the visit.

So Mom left on Sunday. I had Sunday off but Amy had to work, so I spent the afternoon playing cards. I worked Monday and Tuesday nights and the past two days I worked day shifts. Work is good. I am still enjoying the new store and today I had a class at our district headquarters about a new program (that will benefit the company, but do nothing but add more we have to know and do in our jobs). On June 9, we are becoming a drop off and shipping location for DHL Courior Service. So you can skip the UPS store and the United States Post Office and Fedex/Kinkos. You will be able to go to Walgreens, get your drugs, your groceries, your diapers, your over-the-counter birth control, and you can ship your stuff (note to Ebayers!).

Last night a celebrity's child was killed in an accident involving a family vehicle, an older brother behind the wheel, and a long driveway where kids were around but not seen by the driver or by anyone else responsible who could have prevented the accident.

This is all over the internet as far as news sites because the father is a singer/songwriter and because he is an advocate for international adoption and this child was one of three that he and his wife adopted from China. So basically, a lot of people know who he is because he promotes adoption, and people adopting internationally are in large part bloggers. To make matters more dramatic, the singer has a current song about savoring the moments with your daughter.

I appreciate the tragedy, but I am not up in arms calling for prayer for the family. God placed the child in the care of this couple, providing the means for them to travel to China 3 times to bring back children to raise. I can't see how the events of last night were not part of a plan He has for this family, so for me to pray to God and say please comfort this family seems a bit pretentious on my part. He will do what He chooses as it was his choice to make this child part of the family and then to take the child away as he did. Anyone who says otherwise has issues with the concept of an all-powerful Creator.

On this same day, Wednesday, May 21, 2008 we had a new addition to my extended family. My brother and his wife welcomed their second son to their family. I found out from my wife and my mother as they received emails about the birth and the name with pictures. When they forwarded it to me I noticed I didn't merit an email and no one I have heard from got a phone call. I can't say what it means. I could have been a mistake, but I was one of the most-interested members of the family, so I don't know what it means that I wasn't sent an email like the others. If you are interested, the baby's name is Cameron Sebastion Hall Christopher, little brother to Basil Alexander Seaborn Christopher.


Special K said...

I think people just assume that the women will be the ones interested in the birth of a child. But I know a lot of guys with the daddy gene who really are interested!

steven.russell said...

Yeah. Um. But you can pray for comfort in pain.

I am pretty sure the Chapman family knows of God's plan...but that doesn't ease the pain of the loss.

To think you don't have to pray for people in pain because someone they loved died and it was in God's plan is heartless.

God cried when his friend Lazarus died. Pain is part of the deal.

Soften that hard heart, dude.

Valtool said...

How hard-hearted can I be? I put pictures of cute and fuzzy animals on my blog as often as I speak my mind!

Oh wait, I forgot, I am a racist and that makes me hard-hearted. To make matters more confusing, when I try to be genuine and post about human struggles (like my one about struggling with pornography) I get more attention from my internet stalker.

She posted something about me being weird or gross and since it was a general link to my blog I had to backtrack to the date she posted last to realize she was talking about my porn post (about fighting it). You can try to figure her out at