Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Krystal Story

In responding to a comment on Jeff's blog, I decided to relate my Krystal story.

"How I picked up a Bridesmaid at Krystal at 2am"

This goes back about 5 years now, I only know because it was before my grandfather died and I still owned my now-stolen Fender Stratocaster.

I had been playing cards at Whirlyball, a game center in Roswell, GA and as I left the game I wanted something to eat. Based on the time, my options were limited, but I like Krystal on occasion and there was one on my way home.

I pulled in to the drive-thru (the dining room was closed due to the hour) and got in line. Behind the car in front of me stood two women, one in jeans and a t-shirt and the other wearing what looked like a prom dress. This struck me as peculiar for a number of reasons including it was late for prom season, the 2nd woman was not dressed up (maybe a chaperone?) and they were not in a vehicle.

As the line advanced, they walked along behind the car in front of me. They stood in front of the speaker box and waited but no one asked for their order. They tried jumping up and down, but could not trigger the sensor in the ground. They walked back to my car and explained the situation.

They were hungry after a late night after a wedding. They walked down from the Holiday Inn on top of the hill behind the Krystal but could not go in because the dining room was closed. They asked if they I could order for them when my truck set off the sensor. I agreed, and rather than try to have both our voices order, and for safety reasons, we agreed they ought to get in my truck with me and we got our orders in.

When we got to the window they paid for all our food and I offered to show my thanks by giving them a ride back up the hill. The hill was steep, it was very late, and the bridesmaid was still wearing heels which would have been pretty uncomfortable to wear while climbing that hill. So we drove up and I dropped them off at the hotel entrance and I went on my happy way home, munching on my cheese Krystals, corn pups and Krystal chiks.

You see, the story is entirely innocent. One person was being helpful to two others, but it sure sounds good when you describe it as "How I picked up a bridesmaid at 2am in the Krystal drive-thru."


FRIGGA said...

Hehe, so was this before you met Amy? In any case, those woman were very trusting to get in the truck of a strange man. 8-)

Valtool said...

It was in Atlanta, so sometime between Fall 2001 and Summer 2004. Yes, I was with Amy then, married in October, 2001, but I don't remember when the Krystal night was.

Now, I feel like I'm pretty harmless, both in appearance and reality, who are you calling strange?

FRIGGA said...

Haha! Didn't Jeffrey Dahmer also look pretty harmless? :-0

Not that I'm saying you are at all anything like him - but you get what I'm saying, right?