Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another reason to shop at Target

Teen accused of biting butts at Wal-Mart Suspect allegedly attacked at least 10 women at Lovejoy

Clayton County police have arrested a middle school student and charged him with biting or grabbing the buttocks of at least 10 women at the Lovejoy Wal-Mart.
Capt. Greg Dickens said police believe there are more victims who have failed to report the assaults. The 15-year-old suspect has been charged with four counts of sexual battery and more charges are expected. Dickens said complaints of rear-end assaults at the store began in August and continued throughout May. The boy was interviewed by police Wednesday after a victim saw him with relatives and confronted him, Dickens said

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FRIGGA said...

Yikes! I couldn't imagine having some kid bite my ass, literally, and me NOT reporting it... Whatever happened to "It takes a village"?

Oh well, I don't go to Walmart anyway it's too gross and dirty.

Happy Rockin' Friday!! :)