Monday, May 05, 2008

Free 8x10 @ Walgreen's this Wednesday

It's not just a fact, it's a team name. Another fact is it's the name of the team that won first place at trivia tonight at Johnny's New York.

Here's the deal. Go to Walgreen's on Wednesday or go to and use the coupon found in this past Sunday's newspapers. You can make an 8x10 copy of any digital picture you have sitting around.

To help publicize the event, I made that our team name tonight as Amy and I played against 12 other teams including some as large as 8-14 people.

At half-time we were about 6 points shy of first place. At the end of regulation we were in third place, with 60 points. Two teams ahead of us had 63 points.

The final bonus was this... The Philco Predicta was an early and iconic version of what....
it was multiple choice with a wager of 1-15 points, lose them if you answer wrong... a) Potable Camera b)Television c)Electronic Computer d) Transistor Radio.

We got it right (I went with my gut) and we scored a total of 75 points. The other teams at 63 both bet 0 and had a tie breaker for 3rd place (one team moved ahead of them for second), so we won $50 in house cash and bragging rights.

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