Friday, September 01, 2006

Where do two weeks go?

I look at my blog and I realize it's been 2 weeks since I was last here. I'm wondering what if anything significant has happened since then.

Amy got our tickets to Beauty and the Beast. We went online to see where the seats are and in the process found ourselves buying two tickets to Michael W Smith doing a Christmas show at the Fox Theatre on Dec 11.

Amy agreed to, and we started watching Season One of LOST.

I had a heck of a workouot with my trainer Monday. He kicked my butt.

We did NOT go to the Amy Grant concert we won tickets for.

On Labor Day I am going to see WWE RAW live at Philips Arena.

Tonight we attended a support group for families adopting from China. I was surprised to see someone there I knew. Brad Avery from the Christian rock band Third Day and his wife Mindy weree there as part of the group.

My friends Kelly and Mindy had their baby this afternoon!

Tina Yothers (Jeennifer Keaton on "Family Ties") says "Weeight loss sucks!"

Tomorrrow is a good day as college football Saturdays start again. I will not be able to see my UCF Golden Knights host Villanova, but I will watch GA Tech vs. Notre Dame and look forward to next week's big one UCF vs. UF in the Swamp!

It's 11:35pm, I need to go to bed.

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