Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Poor Aching Knights

With great expectations, I left work this afternoon having changed from my uniform to my UCF Football Jersey and UCF ballcap, and I attached my UCF flag to my Jeep and away I went to the sports bar that is home to the Atlanta Area UCF Alumni Association. We had our first viewing party and had a great turnout - about 45 people!

The problem is we had to play the Gators of the University of Florida, IN Gainesville.

I left after the 1st half as we were losing 34-0. It wasn't so bad we lost to a team that is consistently in the top 25 in the nation. Theur coach displayed extrememly poor sportsmanship by running up the score. Late in the 2nd quarter, 1 minute, 15 seconds to be exact, UCF got the ball deep in their own territory. They could have easily run out the clock and gone to halftime. Instead, Coach Meyer called a timeout after each of UCF's three running plays in order to stop the clock and preserve time in the half. UCF had to punt and UF got the ball with 45 seconds left and in good field position. Within 3 plays they scored, leaving it 34-0 at with 5 seconds left in the half and kicking off to UCF again. With a 28 point shutout in the works, why beat on a team that is down simply because you can? Boo!


amy said...

I hate to even post this, but I am visitor 666..bummer

You forgot to mention the good deed you did by serving Chick Fil A Ice Dream to 7 RN's and 2 techs and 1 security chick..

You rock

retrodaddy said...

I thought UCF would put up a better fight. Was truly surprised to see UF dominate so much. Was w/o vehicle, or else I would have joined you for the game. Watched it at Barnacles in Norcross with a fellow Gator.

Who woulda thunk the better matchup with be FSU-Troy?