Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in Florida

For the 4th time in as many months, I am back in Florida. In May it was for the Pentz family cruise (the family I married into). In June it was for a Pentz family birthday (Owen turned 1). In July it was a Christopher birthday (Basil's first), and here we are again in August for a Pentz family meeting.

We came in last night, arriving in Orlando at 9pm as I had worked until 1pm. We made decent time despite a lot of heavy rain and thunder and lightning between Gainesville, FL and the north end of the turnpike. The fun came after a stop at the turnpike rest plaza where Amy thought she lost her cell phone. She had been using it just before we pulled in, and she was sure she did not take it inside the building. We tried calling it with my phone and heard nothing so our only assumption was it fell out in the parking lot and we could not turn around. When we got to Orlando we found the phone. Amy had been sitting on it and not only could she not feel it, we could not hear it ringing!

We went straight to The Club at Firestone where Amy's brother Wes was to perform. He is an internationally known DJ, stage name DJ Diplo. Unfortunately we could not stay to see him as he was the headliner and was not scheduled to perform until about 12:30am. We instead drove to my momther's house, enjoying the drive with the exception of a 300 lb guy on a crotch rocket with a huge buttcrack.

Mom woke me up at 7:00 becuase my brother Tim had called as he was getting himself and Basil ready to leave for work and daycare. I got dressed and walked over to spend about 15 minutes with the baby. He's awesome. :)

For the rest of today we drove out to Edgewater, FL. We stopped at Target on the way so I could get a new watch and a UCF t-shirt and then we made time for the coast so Amy could keep her hair appointment. The guy did an awesome job for the price and now I should not have to hear Amy come home near to tears because her coworkers keep making comments about her roots. We had dinner and chilled at her parents' house for the evening, stopping to watch "The Benchwarmers." I liked it a good bit, but Amy was really tired when we watched it so she may need another viewing.

Saturday started with Amy going out to garage sakes with her sister Kelly and our niece Janie. It's an Edgewater tradition. Not much else went on throughout the day. We all went to dinner at Shells and Amy and I finally got to meet Mia, aka M.I.A. the Sri Lankan dance singer ( She's very sweet and has a British accent from being raised in London. We chill again tonight and head over to Lake Mary, FL tomorrow for church at my friend Steve's church he's been pastoring for about 6 years now. He does not know we are coming, so it should be a nice surprise. We then drive home to Atlanta, perhaps arriving in time to watch WWE's Summerslam.

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