Saturday, September 23, 2006

Been Busy, What Else is New?

Saturday afternoon and I'm at work, so you ask how busy can it be, right?

Well, I came in 2 hours earlier than planned because we received a call from a guy I know with Student Venture on Thursday, telling me that they had 100 teens gathering in the parking lot behind us at 12 today to leave for a whitewater rafting trip. I'm jealous, because I love to whitewater raft, but it's so late in the season, they are gonna freeze their Christiaan bootys off! So they head out to the Ocoee for some reckless fun!

I am taking care of some invoices for work and getting ready to go take the headset for the majority of 2-7, and I'll likley get out early, between 7 and 8 tonight.

Plans are taking shape as the Amy and Michael 5th Anniversary trip begins in 7 and one half days. We're driving to Williamsburg, VA, site of our honeymoon for a full week including staying at the same condo complex with jacuzzis in every condo! I think my biggest expectations are driving up to see the National Zoo and dinner a the Williamsburg Inn on our anniversary night.

Lucy will be going off to obedience training on Thursday (for 2 weeks), and I'll be heading off to Madison, GA for a grand opening of another Chick-fil-a a week after we return. After that it's a weekend trip to west Tennessee for a weding for some friend of Amy's from college. :)


amy said...

I didnt know you were going to Madison GA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay guys, you all need to work on the communication if Amy is learning about business trips by reading your blog!! Just kidding! How funny is that though.
We are doing well. Michael I did not mean to cut you off the other day on AIM, the program was acting up.
Have fun on your trip. We fly to Albany on the 12th!!

Jeff said...

Remind me, which room is mine and Val's at Williamsburg next week? Did y'all just get us a rollaway in your room, or are we next door?