Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Tiger Woods of Trivia With Patrick.

So it is Tuesday and we had our weekly round of brainbusting at Tijuana Joes Mexican Cantina. Tonight's version of the team "Jobu Needs a Refill" was Amy, her coworker Andy Bankston, and me. We had a small opposition of 4 other teams, all regulars. The Old People, Camarillo, The Bambinos, and Dark Chocolate were present. We took the lead with the first round bonus, where prior to the question we were in second by one point.

The first-round bonus on BASEBALL. What number did Babe Ruth wear as a New York Yankees . Andy knew wit was number 3.

We kept the lead the rest of the night, but round 4 was a bear and we found ourselves in first place with the three remaining teams (Dark Chocolate left early) all within 5 points. We lead with 50 going into the final bonus. Patrick named 8 sitcoms and the names of the wives/mothers. We had to name the actresses who oplayed these roles. We got all 4 of the ones we tried for, just enough to hold off a team that moved from 3rd to 2nd with their efforrts. Here's the list...

1. Claire Huxtable - the Cosby Show
2. Carol Brady - The Brady Bunch
3. Edith Bunker - All in the Family
4. Louise Jefferson - The Jeffersons
5. Ray's wife on Eveyone Loves Raymond
6. The mom on Malcolm in the Middle
7. Alice Cramden - The Honeymooners
8. Bre somethingorother on Desperate Housewives

3 points a piece - wrong answers lose 3, blank answers cost nothing. You have 4 minutes


Jeff said...

Glad y'all won in my absence, even if it means I'm only needed for entertainment value. ;)

Mmm, I could go for some nachos and cheese dip ...

retrodaddy said...

Which four did you get correct? I'm sure you got 1 and 2 immediately. Maybe Edith Bunker and Malcolm's mom. I knew 7 of the 8 immediately...never really liked the Honeymooners, so I couldn't come up with the actress who played Alice.