Monday, September 11, 2006

My Poor Aching ME!

Sunday morning, 5:45am.

It's close to when I normally wake up as I typically work at 6:30. So my body, being on something of a schedule wants to void the bladder. I accomplish this and decide to go let the dog out to void its bladder and we'll likely sleep on the couch til Amy gets home.

I somehow missed my footing (placement of my foot and the worn carpet on the stairs) and I found myself falling. First was the impact of my forehead above the right eye on the stairwell wall. Next the panic of the uncontrolled sliding descent to the landing below. I made enough noise to wake my brother, who only came out to verify I had not broken anything. It appears not. I do have a bit of highly abbrasive rugburn scabbing over on my right calf, and though no bruises, my right thigh and shoulder are both very sore.

I missed work today in an attempt to heal, especially as we had a truck to unload today and I work the Monday trucks. A lot of sleep and two hot soaks in the tub have helped a bit, and a lot of ibuprofin.

The one positive note (with a negative side) was Amy and I did go to see Beauty and the Beast as the Disney production tour was in Atlanta this week. I've seen this production at least once before (in NY) and I think I saw it on tour in Orlando. We had great seats in the balcony and Amy had her first taste of Disney on stage. The problem came at the end, when at the finale I started to cry. It's the happy ending element, but I started thinking about it and determined I have something of a "beast complex."

With my size and lack of model-quality looks, and my abbrasive sense of humor/personality, I realize I have a great deal in common with this character.

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Margaret said...

Ouch, I hurt just imagining this. Double ouch on the rug burn. I'd take off from work tomorrow too - just so the guys don't tease you and think your wife beat you up. Hehe.

Just returned from Outback and I snagged the Outback Prime Rib and Evil Garlic Mashed Pertaters. Of course, we can't go there without ordering the Bloomin' Onion.

I had to laugh, I always order the Chicken at the Longhorn vs. steak. Ahhh, yes... the weekend waiting line here in Savannah for dinner anywhere will run about 2 hours. I usually go early or do the take out.

Thanks for stopping by recently. Sounds like we all have something in common. =O) -Margie