Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did the deed

Voting is done.

Voting was fun.

Now, let all the people start all the complaining and fighting saying things were done unfairly or fraudulently (let's talk ACORN).

I'm just glad that they kept things right in Georgia, making sure that you must be able to prove with a photo ID that you are who you claim to be in order to vote.

BTW - it was 50 minutes from getting in line to walking out the door having voted, so to those who complained about a 6 hour wait last week during early voting, thanks for going early and making the line shorter today.


Beverly said...

you know some liberals charge that the photo ID is disenfranchising. Yep, seems some people can't afford a state issued photo id or work photo id or any other photo id.

the5powells said...

my voting time: 5 minutes start to finish. NIIIIICE! :)