Friday, November 07, 2008


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website, Brian Nichols is no longer the accused Fulton County Courthouse Murderer.

He IS the Fulton County Courthouse Murderer.

Word had been that the defense was willing to take an offer to plead guilty if the prosecution would remove the option of the death penalty. So in other words, he would admit he shot and killed a Fulton County Deputy Sheriff, a Fulton County Judge, a court reporter and a United States Customs Agent if they wouldn't seek to have him put to death, otherwise they would say he did not do it.

There was never any doubt that he committed these crimes. There were plenty of witnesses. The only reason to escape responsibility was to claim he was insane at the time he killed these people. His reason for insanity, the defense said Nichols felt as if the courtroom was a slave market.

The whole reason he was in the courtroom to behin with was that he was on trial for kidnapping, raping and sodomizing his ex-girlfriend. In his killing spree he also kidnapped and carjacked a number of other people, beat another deputy so badly she has permanent brain damage and held another woman hostage overnight while doing drugs in her apartment.

On Monday the penalty phase will begin.

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