Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm curious about what kinds of fasting there are and what those of you who have fasted would suggest.

Our church is calling on a day of prayer and fasting tomorrow for the benefit of our nation as the following day is election day.

Obviously there is a pretty big rift between people suporting the candidates of the two major political parties. I personally support John McCain, but I fear too many people cannot separate the failures of President Bush from Mr. McCain. They are NOT the same person and it is hardly a reason to turn the leadership of our nation and our military to a man with no military background, very limited leadership experience, and a questionable background that includes openly and willingly associating with a known anti-government terrorist and a pastor who preaches hatred from the pulpit, and what do we really know about Obama's Muslim background/upbringing in a day and age that Muslim extremists want to destroy our country.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

No help for you on the fasting topic.
But totally agree on the political topic. Too many scary things about Obama. And I don't like that he's come in and charmed so many people so easily. Isn't that what the anti-Christ is going to do? Not that I am saying Obama is the anti-Christ. I am just leery of people who are so charismatic that people blindly follow.

Just don't drink the Kool-Aid :)

Sebren said...

I am putting together some references for you regarding fasting and some helpful suggestions, but the simple of it is this . . . giving up something with a spiritual purpose. For instance, not eating and then using the time you would have normally have had a meal to pray for a specific purpose, i.e. the nation or election. You would also use the reminder of hunger pains has a reminder to pray for the thing you are seeking God's intervention regarding . . . I will send more, but wanted to post something as soon as possible.

My wife, Nikki, and your wife work together . . . that is how I was turned on to your blogging question.

Anonymous said...

Fasting is not something a diabetic should be doing - MOM

the5powells said...

i'm in a mom's group...this week's topic "fasting from a negative attitude" haha!